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Monday, October 26, 2009
My First Jewelry Line to Make It On The Internet...

After weeks of designing my own website, taking photos of each piece (which takes forever when you're trying to get perfect shots, by the way), and tweaking & retweaking things, I FINALLY have a website up!!!


Check it out, tell your friends :)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
What $5 Will Get You in NYC
$5 lets you spectate a transsexual urinating on a crowd of obnoxious girls and then gets you the ability to pick up a piece of Tranny Loincloth off the floor using two Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans for a gross photo-op. Beer not included.

$5 gives you a ride on the “Times Square Rollercoaster” (i.e. back of Taxi).

$5 gets you Admission to Metropolitan Museum of Art (if you’re feeling generous).

$5 covers a Subway ride and PATH train ride back to friend’s house to fall asleep on their couch to the sound of his roommate having very detailed and disturbing phone sex.

$5 feeds you edamame to compliment the tasting of multiple boxes of sake that cost a hell of a lot more than five dollars…

$5 gives you the chance to watch a dancer named “Dirty Martini” turn her nipple tassels into “assles” (ass-tassels). Not to mention give glitter on Dima’s nose an entirely new meaning until the end of time.

$5 covers admission for two on a NYC subway only to watch a crowd of drunken girls clad in all green sing along to Greenday’s “Time of Your Life” at the top of their slurry, off-key voices while the subway musician looks on in horror.

$5 gets you the opportunity to hear Jesus Christ yell out, “Who wants to see some BOOBIES??

But.... getting a "golden elephant surprise" for your birthday? PRICELESSSSSS
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Overheard in NY
While enjoying a martini in a blues bar in Greenwich Village, I overheard the following conversation between a girl who just arrived and a table full of Austrian men. Upon arrival, the girl sat down and began putting on her dance shoes. one of the Austrians notices and leans over:

Austrian: "Are those dancing shoes?"
Girl: "Why yes, they are"
Austrian: "What kind of dance is this?"
Girl: "It is kind of a bastardization of lindy hop and west coast swing done to blues music, but much dirtier than what they did in the 30's and 40's."
Austrian: "It looks like a mating dance."
Girl: "No one ever said the blues weren't dirty. I can assure you many of them are NOT mating!"
Austrian: "Let's see who you want to mate with. Can I see a demonstration?"

I completely lost it and nearly my martini as well.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009
Erosion (edit)
"Erosion" by E

Awakening, memory floats around me
A whispering wind pushing through the trees
Dissolving in the morning light.

It lingers on my lips
The dream so distant and unreal now
Different than what it was in sleep.

I thought the yearning was gone
Forgotten desires that tormented my soul
But in the shadows of my heart you remained.

Banished from my thoughts
But returned
When I'm not even looking anymore.

Tendrils of memory
Stroke the stone of my heart
Perpetual in their conquest,

Disguised as a dream
It lies dormant
waiting for sleep to come again.

Maybe bittersweet memory of me
Will forever haunt you
Behind closed eyes,

Like yours do mine
Seeing without sight.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
We Would Like You To Interview. NOT.
After weeks of struggling on unemployment checks, fruitless job applications, and general frustration, I finally got the kind of response I had been hoping and praying for.

A company that I'd applied to responded to my resume and wanted to schedule an interview the same day. I responded via email and phone call to indicate my availability all day and express my interest.

No response.

The next 2 days, I called and sent more emails indicating that I was still available for an interview and was still very much interested in the position.

Again, no response.

Four days later, I receive the following email:

"Thank you for applying to the position. Unfortunately, the position has been filled by another candidate deemed to be more fitting for the role."

Um...? Wouldn't you guys have liked to INTERVIEW me to find out if I was a better fit or not?!?!

I hate job hunting.
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